Generators Sales & Installations

We keep you running, even when the power isn’t!

When you want the peace of mind that a back-up generator can bring, let the Carrion team help you to get it. We are experts in providing the standby power supply that will keep you running even when the power isn’t.

We sell and install generators that can power everything from just the basics to your entire home or business. Our wide selection of Onan and Generac Generators are well-built and reliable. We will work with you to find the unit that is right for both your power needs and your budget.

Investing in a generator from Carrion Electric means never having to worry about losing power again.

Why do I need a home generator?

There are many reasons that power outages can occur, but the one thing that they all have in common is how they impact you. On Maryland’s Eastern Shore we are vulnerable to everything from severe winter storms to tropical storms and hurricanes, all of which can result in downed power lines and outages.

A home generator will power up when an outage occurs and can keep vital appliances, A/C, sump pumps (to keep your basement or crawl space dry), lights and more running. You can keep your home and family safe and comfortable even in the midst of the worst weather events or power grid failures with a reliable home generator.

Can a generator power my business?

Yes! Business today relies heavily on technology, and that technology can’t run if the power goes out. Power grid failures or summer thunderstorms can occur unexpectedly and knock out power to your building. This creates unproductive downtime for your business if you don’t have a standby generator to run critical functions. A generator for your business will get you back to business quickly, without lost time, data or sales.

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